Shelter Goes For Radical Honesty In Adoption Ad For 'Terrible' Chihuahua

For one lovable wee demon of a dog, the Humane Society Silicon Valley has put up up the funniest, most radically honest pet adoption listing we've ever come across.
"Eddie the Terrible," as this 2-year-old Chihuahua is known, is bad with kids. He's awful with other dogs.
"He's not going to pull Timmy out of the well and befriend a bunch of pre-school kids," says Finnegan Dowling, spokesperson for the HSSV.
"HOW DOES SO MUCH NAUGHTY EXIST IN SUCH A SMALL DOG?," the listing begins, before detailing the ways in which Eddie is so very bad, such as:
On the positive side, Eddie is housebroken, loyal and a huge fan of playing fetch. But he's also described as "socially awkward," and it's said he steadfastly refuses to sleep in a crate, favoring human beds and couches.
But does all this make Eddie unadoptable? Dowling says, resolutely, no -- and that even with his challenges, or maybe because of them, Eddie is perfect for the right (child and dog free) home.
"Somewhere out there is someone whose life will be better with Eddie, someone that he'll make laugh every day and someone whose lap he'll keep warm. We're going to find that person," Dowling says. "And they'll be so happy when we do."
Find out more about adopting Eddie the Terrible here. And take a look at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley's other adoptable animals -- most of them much less terrible than Eddie -- on the shelter's Facebook page.
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