Abandoned dog who lost paws to frostbite learns to walk again

A two-year-old Rottweiler, who developed frostbite when he was a puppy, is now learning how to walk again using prosthetic paws. Brutus, who lives in the US city of Loveland, was left outside in freezing temperatures when he was younger and his breeder later decided to amputate all four paws. Laura Aquilina, owner of Brutus said: "He developed frostbite. His breeder then proceeded to cut off all four of his paws.'' After being discovered in a store parking lot, his new owner, Laura Aquilina, is now helping Brutus to adjust to his new condition. Rescuers raised 12-thousand US dollars through an online fundraising site for surgery to remove bone fragments and to buy the prosthetics, according to Aquilina. The breeder disappeared after giving Brutus away. Experts say prosthetics such as these have been developed only within the past 15 years and not all dogs get used to them. Aquilina said that if the prosthetics don't work for Brutus, she's willing to try and move forward without them.



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