Maple The Dog Will Probably Be Your New Favorite Vine Star

This is Maple.
She's a fetching border collie/golden retriever/Sheltie mix that loves to hang out with her human, a multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle guitarist that goes by the moniker Trench.
The duo have uploaded dozens of videos on Vine jamming to everything from Lady Gaga to Bob Marley.*
*Make sure to hit the sound button in the bottom right hand corner of the Vine window.
And despite the admittedly frigid winter that's hit much of the East Coast, Maple spends quite a bit of time playing in the snow, oh-so-majestically.
Oh, and she's totally into throwbacks and is all about that cowbell.
And just look at that nose.
Take a look at some of Maple and Trench's other Vines here, and follow them on Instagram @acoustictrench.



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