Why should I come to dog show Amsterdam Winner

Starting with, the 126th International Dog Show Amsterdam Winner 2015 and Holland Cup 2015 took place in the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, one of the largest show venues of Netherlands, from 11 to 13 December 2015 in Amsterdam.

The annual dog show Amsterdam Winner has a large significance in the dogs’ world as for kennel clubs and breeders as for people connected with pet service or pet business. This show stays in one row with such events as Crufts, World Dog Show (WDS), European Dog Show (EDS). Thousands of exhibitors come from dozens of countries including South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia and even from Belgium.

Amterdam Winner Show 2015

The special significance in the annual schedule Amsterdam dog show acquired in 2014, when the Eukanuba World Challenge the European premier took place - the show, which unites best dog from all over the world and also the winners of the Crufts, World and European dog shows. (List of participants Eukanuba World Challenge 2014)

Jose Luis Ibanez, EWC Show Chairman stated: “We are delighted to maintain the same concept of lining-up the world’s “Best of the Best” dogs. It was proven last year that this competition in high on the breeders’ list and we are deeply proud of the support we received from the breeder community. This gives us a lot of energy to improve the show, again and again”. (List of participants Eukanuba World Challenge 2015)

And as Jose Luis said, we actually watched the world’s “Best of the Best”. Although the show is reckoned to be international and during the magnificent ceremony participants were coming in the ring with national flags and were accompanied by the solemn music, the most biggest number of applause and screams where giving to Crufts 2015 winner – Scottish Terrier from US - To Russia With Love “Knopa” and WDS 2015 in Milan winner - Bearded Collie from Russia - Ops I Did It Again Del Cuore Impavido “Rony”

By the way, the participant of Eukanuba World Challenged, who represented the Netherlands, Anneke Otto with her Bearded Collie Beardie Connections Kenji became the winner of the Holland Cup 2015. And the BIS winner of the Amsterdam Winner Show 2015 Anette Dyrén from Sweden with her Flat-Coated Retriever Castlerock Simply Magic claimed that her main aim was participation in Eukanuba show and she took part in Amsterdam Winner only by chance.

And now lets move from interesting facts to boring statistics: who was in the show, what were the numbers etc., as to history it is important. So, this is TOP 15 countries with larges number of entries.

Country Amsterdam Winner 2015 Country Holland Cup 2015
Netherlands 1632 Netherlands 779
Germany 290 Germany 147
Belgium 227 Belgium 113
UK 90 UK 81
France 71 Denmark 51
Italy 60 Italy 45
Denmark 56 Poland 45
Poland 54 France 43
Russia 38 Russia 35
Finland 26 Norway 24
Spain 25 Finland 21
Norway 24 Spain 19
Czech Republic 21 Ireland 19
Sweden 21 Czech Republic 18
Hungary 20 Sweden 17
Total 1989 (47 countries) Total 1344 (44 countries)

Other statistic

Winner Show 2015 Holland Cup 2015
Dogs 4138 2383
Breeds 294 261
Nations 48 47
Judges 50 (14 countries) 41 (12 countries)
Rings 36 36
Male 1957 1101
Female 2181 1281
Exhibitors 2792 1583
Minor Puppies 158 100 (65 breeds)
Puppies 295 159 (87 breeds)
Juniors 1210 651 (186 breeds)
Intermediar class 500 348
Open class 928 540
Working dogs 51 31 (22 breeds)
Champion class 830 499
Veterans 168 57 (44 breeds)
Brace class 82 47
Breeders' Group 36 14

Demonstration Rings

Generally speaking, such a huge dog show is like a great festival although sometimes one might call it a “crazy house” (in good sense). Besides dozens of rings where dogs are being judged from morning till lunch, in centre halls were demonstration rings that are more appealing to commoners: families with children, students, schoolchildren and gapers. In these rings one can see how service and guard dogs work, how dogs dance, catch Frisbee, skate, hunt, or, for example, to see the shepherd dog on duty chasing ducks along the ring and actually having such a “face” that you might think it is going to eat them

Zoo services

The dog show will be also interesting for serious people who are making money. If on the enormous dog food market appeared some newcomers you will find their stands on the show. The places for world wide known pet food are the most colorful and bright.

But the more appealing are stands for grooming saloons where you can visit master classes for dog grooming or buy a highly sophisticated dog brush. I especially liked the pavilion where the professional painter penciled portraits of pets and their owners. The most interesting moment was when this painter was doing a picture of a group of Saarloos Wolfdogs, carefully looking at 3 seeming the same wolf muzzles trying to find even subtle differences to make the picture perfect. Also it is important to mention pavilions with different kennels where one can get all the information about a certain breed and talk to the breeder.

To sum up, there are many things to do on the show even if you are just a visitor.

And now lets move to final part – to show results.

Winners of the International Dog Show Amsterdam 2015

Best Junior Handler of Netherlands

junior Handler Amsterdam 2015, Amsterdam 2015, aws 2015, BIS Amsterdam

Handler - Demi Weijmans (Netherlands)
Judge - Pamela Runderkamp (Netherlands)

Holland Cup 2015

Amsterdam 2015, aws 2015, BIS Amsterdam 2015

Beardie Connections Kenji - Bearded Collie , owner - Anneke Otto (Netherlands)
Judge - Rob Douma (Netherlands)

BIS Holland Cup 2015
This days photos from the ring HERE

Amsterdam Winner Show 2015

Amsterdam 2015, aws 2015, BIS Amsterdam

Castlerock Simply Magic - Flat Coated Retriever, owner - A. Dyren
Judge - Sporre-Willis Renee (Sweden)

BIS Amsterdam Winner Show 2015

Eukanuba World Challenge 2015

Eukanuba World Challenge 2015 winner, EWC 2015 Amsterdam, Very Vigie I don't Know

Very Vigie I don't Know - American Cocker Spaniel, owner - Mathilde Leonard-Nolle (France)
Judge - Rafael De Santiago (Spain)

Eukanuba World Challenge 2015 Results

Interview with the winner  - Mathilde Leonard-Nolle

Holland Cup 2015 BIS reward video

BIS Amsterdam Winner Show 2015, finalists and winners



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