Maine Coon from Kamchatka on Grand-Prix in Moscow

An interview with Catherine, the owner of the cat from the kennel «Alghero», participant of the show and steward attached to judges according to the WSF system.

In between the work as judges we’ve managed to talk with the WSF’s steward who has come to the show all the way from Kamchatka. Her cat, a beautiful white Maine Coon, has received the prize for «The furthest region», while its owner was helping with assessment of other pets.

Have you come from Kamchatka?

- Yes.

Are you saying that you have a kennel? Whom do you breed?

- I have a kennel of Maine Coons, it calls «Alghero» (The kennel is registered according to the WCF system, certificate № 4132-2013 and according to the TICA system, № 26306). We deal only with Maine Coons since these cats are the members of our family. They are very sociable and affectionate. While kittens are being born, we are always with them. We are staying close during delivery and natural nursing. Occasionally we even sleep with them on the floor. That’s why they grow good-natured and tender and we can give them in any arms like this (she was giving us her Maine Coon for photo, the cat was going quietly into the arms in order to be successfully photographed).

And tell me, if the owner doesn’t properly socialize the Maine Coon since a very early age, the kitten will have a somewhat wild streak, won’t it?

- Yes, you will get a fairly wild kitten which will shy away from hands and any forms of interaction. Well, I mean the buyer won’t be happy at all if he brings home this large monster so he won’t know what to do.

I guess he will get a household lynx instead of a cat, won’t he?

- They are really large. And that’s why they need a good character and this feature is the part of their standard. They must be affectionate and gregarious, gentle giants.

And how long have you had the kennel?

- I’ve been breeding Maine Coons since 2012, this year I’ve adopted the first cat. We have a large kennel, we have a chief breeder named Natalia Klichuk who has been engaged in breeding of these cats since 2009. The oldest cat, Mica Coon Elisa has turned 8 years on the 1ts November of this year so it can be regarded as a veteran.

Could you please tell me how things stand in Kamchatka with shows?

- We do have cat shows! They are held according to the WCF system but there is also the ICU system. And there are shows which are based on the MFA standard. But such shows are organized rarely, the ICU rings are held about once a year and we with our cats participate in shows according the WCF system twice a year. This is our primary system which brings together approximately one hundred animals.

And how many times have you entered such a major exhibition as Grand-Prix Royal-Canin?

- It’s not the first show of such a scale for us. Previously our chief breeder, Natalia Klichuk, has come here. Three years ago she’s already been at this show with the cat which she had been brought from Moscow kennel BlackWood`s in 2010. The cat from BlackWood`s with the nickname Eydan has won the Best nomination and today we properly raise its children and grandchildren.

Your cat which is currently participating in the show is female. Can exhibition visitors buy her kittens or it’s just a participant?

- No, it doesn’t have kittens, it’s been castrated. It’s not intended for breeding, it just likes taking part in shows. Why have I taken it with me initially? Actually I’ve flown for the show and it likes shows and likes playing «star» so I manage to show it in every possible ring. So yesterday we have taken part at the Maine Coon’s show, it’s earned the applause. It was glad, just happy. Recently we’ve received the award for the furthest region and now it’s sitting in its cage, also totally happy.

Is it so satisfied since it’s already received the award?

- It enjoys prizes. As soon as we come back from the show I take out all prizes and put them on the sofa, on the floor so it can walk around and examine them. It never comes away until it inspects everything.

Until it fully enjoys its importance.

- Yes. Until it grabs all attention, all applause and as soon as everyone claps and says: «Well done, Lala. You are so beautiful», that’s when it’s fully content.

And how does it treat your journeys? After all, you have a long way to go.

- It perceives them positively. In particular, it takes us nine hours to get right here by plane. And earlier, in this October, we’ve travelled to the Far East, only by train. We’ve been in Vladivostok and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Everything is great.

Are you saying that there is no difference whether you travel by train or by plane?

- Yes, it’s absolutely relaxed as long as I’m by its side. It lies and I lie beside it.

Well, one more question about your participation in the show. I’m seeing a camera on your hand. What’s this about?

- Well, I write for myself, I has a blog at home in Kamchatka. I’m also a head of the Tourist Website where I tell about our travelling. We have the City Website where I also place my information. I write about the kennel as well.

Author: Alena Morgunovskaya



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