Division between “dog fans” and “cat fans” is not in fashion any more

According to the survey conducted by petolog.com about 40% of pet owners have both cats and dogs. The winner of our contest Anastasia Vagina told us about her beloved pets: the Akita-Inu Nikko and rescued cat nicknamed Pusya. 

Cat and dog friendship

Tell us what pets you have at home and whether you treat them differently?

We have a dog Akita Inu, the girl named Kiori Katsu Nikko. She is two years old and came from the Novosibirsk kennel (in Russia) Kiori Katsu. Also we have a cat, which is completely deaf. She is 3,5 years old and of a white colour. We rescued her from starvation and couldn’t give away.

Our Akita is a show dog, and our cat is just for pleasure. The dog is considered to be mine, and the cat is my husband’s, as it was him who rescued her and therefore she thinks of him as a savior and master. Although we love them equally, care for them with the same passion and try to spent equal time with both of them.

Cat and dog friendship

Can tell more about you pets? Who was the first, how they communicate?

The cat was the first pet in our home. Actually, we were not planning adopting a pet, as my husband is allergic to fur. But one day when we were driving to the countryside my husband saw something on the road. It appeared to be a small white fluffy kitty with sore eyes. We decided to take her with us and to feed and cure at least and then give away to someone who wants to have a cat. When we came back to town we went to the vet, did all the vaccinations needed and started curing her eyes. We bought food, toilet and all other things that were essential for keeping a cat at home. At that time I already suspected that we would keep her with us. This kitty was so sweet, white and fluffy, with pink ears and nose and brownish eyes. From that time we nicknamed her Pusya. We had a vacation planned in a week so we took her with us.

Cat and dog friendship

At that moment we already knew she was deaf, as she didn’t react to even very loud and scary noises. I understood that it would be very difficult to find an owner for a deaf kitty. Pusya appeared to be very smart and on our way to Altai she was doing her deeds always in her toilet that we placed under the car drivers’ seat. All five hour of our trip our kitty was very calm and quite. In Altai she was always with us, even when we went to a 5-kilometre trip. So when we came home Pusya was already a full family member for us.

Cat and dog friendship

But I always dreamt about having a dog. So I discussed it with my husband and started searching. I surfed the Internet to find the right breed for our family, started reading about all dogs in alphabetical order, but soon I realized that there were too many dog breeds.

At that moment I remembered a breed that took my heart from the first sight. This was a bright-orange smiling dog – the Akita Inu. I read carefully about this breed and began looking for a good kennel. Finally, I found a puppy I liked and today we have the Junior Russian Champion title, Champion titles of various Federations and now documents for Russian Champion and RFK Champion are on their way.

What the Akita breed is like?

Well, the Akita Inu is a very specific breed. First of all, it has no doggy odour (only when its coat is wet). Secondly, Akita is dominant towards other dogs. Thirdly, it adapts to its owners life perfectly. So to say, if you are an active person, your Akita will be sportive, if you are a coach potato, your dog will be enjoying time with you on a sofa. After some time I watched the Hachikō movie. I think that all dogs are very devoted to their masters but Akita especially.

Cat and dog friendship

How your cat felt when you adopted a puppy?

During the first month she was stressed a lot. But days came by and they started to contact more and more, started playing different games. They still love to play hide-and-seek or just to chase each other. In our dogs’ behaviour we sometimes see something from our cats’ behaviour. Thanks to their friendship and this love to play, Nikko helps us to find our kitty when we need it.

Cat and dog friendship

How was your first dog show?

My first impression of the dog show was controversial, as we didn’t understand what do we need to do, what our puppy has to do and how the dog is evaluated, especially a puppy... Young dogs are all so awesome! Our debut happened when Nikko was 3 month old, and we visited special training classes with a professional handler before that. Thanks to the following shows and information in the Internet we acquired some knowledge. And participation in a dog show became more fascinating! 

Cat and dog friendship



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