Interview with Anastasia Dedkova, vice champion of the Golden Collar Award

Anastasia Dedkova - junior handler photo
How long have you been participating in shows?

- I’ve been taking part in shows for two and a half years.

And how about the dog?

- The dog has entered the ring three years ago, when it didn’t belong to me, although nowadays I’m its owner. Initially it participated in shows with another handler, but subsequently I’ve replaced him. It happened then that we should go abroad to participate in the show and our handlers couldn’t go. So I had to start learning fast and since then I’ve been showing it myself. I’ve had lots of different teachers , so I’m trying to adopt their experience.

How long have you had to learn from the point of making a decision to actually entering the ring?

- When I participated in the show for the first time it was an average small show (although it was held abroad), I learned for two days in order to make the dog stand properly and to lead it around the ring. In general one isn’t supposed to do that sort of thing, but at that moment it had to be done due to circumstances. And in order to win large shows, I’ve learned for as long as four months. I’ve practiced a lot, my favourite teacher has worked with me and I’ve learned myself a great deal. And as a result we’ve become the prize takers at the Golden Collar Award 2016.

And are the dog always showed only one handler?

- Yes, it’s presented by just one handler. At first the dog was shown by the girl who taught me, she is my friend who’s brought me here. And then I started showing it on my own, nowadays it’s just me who works with it.

I’ve noticed that during the performance the handlers have swapped the dogs on command of the judge. What does it mean and why do they do that?

- This is a competition of handlers. I mean it should demonstrate how the handler works with various dog breeds and how well he or she knows their anatomies. Now I work with badger-dogs. But what kind of a handler would I be if I worked only with badger-dogs and wasn’t capable of making stand rightly, for example, a pug-dog? A handler must know how to work with different breeds. But such a swap of dogs doesn’t always take place, it’s done at the discretion of a judge.

And how do dogs feel about such a rearrangement? Do they look for their handlers, or do they calmly work with the handler if he or she is a true expert?

- Each dog behaves itself differently. If the dog is trained to work with different handlers, then it won’t elude the grasp since it knows that I’m near and there is nothing to fear. Some of dogs still start searching for their handlers. It happens in different ways, it’s largely dependent on the temperament of the dog itself.

What are your plans for the nearest future after winning?

- Soon, 22th January, we will have a championship in Sokolniki. It’s held once a year and we want to go there.

Good luck in there!

Photo from event: Elsor
Date: 15.01.2017

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