Monday Matters: Pit Bull Puppies, The World's Most Adorable Newlyweds And A Flash Mob You'll Want To Join

Here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favorite stories, videos and feel-good campaigns of the past week that prove seizing every day, minute and moment truly matters. #MondayMatters
If You Need A Warm Puppy
Who doesn’t? Here are several. The even better news is that all nine pups from this litter -- and their formerly stray mom -- now have  forever families after individuals lined up outside an animal shelter at 4 a.m. to take them home.
If You’re Feeling Lost In Love
Keep calm and take a note from George Kirby, 103, and Doreen Luckie, 91. After 27 years of courtship, the pair has just recently become the world’s oldest newlyweds.
If You’re Tired Of Getting UpstagedPhoto credit: Leah Bullard Photography
Laugh it off -- the way this couple did when their 4-year-old flower girl stole the show by kissing the ring bearer during a bridal party photo shoot.
If You’re Missing Loved Ones
Know that they miss you, too, as evidenced by this response 3-year-old Luke Westbrook of Norfolk, Virginia, got after writing countless letters to his late beagle, Moe, in Doggie Heaven.
If You Hate Endings
Watch this graduating class’ ‘Shake It Off’ flash mob, You'll be reminded that not all conclusions are bad … especially if they’re choreographed to Taylor Swift music.
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