These Dogs Were Rescued From A Massive Fighting Ring. They Are Loving Their Freedom.

They're called the 367 dogs, because that's how many of them were taken in on August 23, 2013 -- the first day of what would turn out to be the country's second largest multi-state dog fighting bust.
Then that number grew. By a lot.
"As the investigation progressed -- more arrests, more information gathered from the suspects in questioning -- more dogs were rescued. There were also a good number of puppies born once the dogs were in our care," the Humane Society's Stephanie Twining told The Huffington Post.
The final tally, according to Twining: 486 rescued dogs pulled from locations across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas.
Fourteen suspects were arrested. Donnie Anderson, the so-called "godfather" of the bunch -- prosecutors say he electrocuted or hanged dogs who lost fights -- pleaded guilty in July, and was sentenced to eight years in federal prison earlier this month.
And as Anderson serves his time in jail, his victims are finally able to thrive.
Some of the 367 dogs are now family pets. Some are in training to be therapy dogs. Some are still waiting for that special someone to treat them kindly for the rest of their lives. And even those who can't be adopted have been given a special opportunity to blossom.
It's not just the dogs whose lives are getting better, either. It's that way for the people who love them, too.
"These dogs have changed us all in some way, I'd like to think for the better," said Rose Tremblay, who keeps a Facebook page where members of the "367 rescue family" share their photos and updates and keep tabs on the dogs who haven't yet been adopted.  
"They have made us stronger, and they have solidified the fight we have inside to never let what they've gone through or who they have since become to be forgotten," Tremblay added. "We celebrate the survivors, remember the victims and honor their bravery and resilience every day. We owe them that much, they've proven it over and over."
Dozens of the dogs' families and caretakers talked to HuffPost about how they came to be part of the 367 family, and what their lives are like now. Each one told a story of love, resilience and well-earned freedom:
Keep up with these doggies -- as well as the others who are up for adoption -- on the 367 rescue family Facebook page.
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