German Shepherd Helps Load The Dishwasher, Proves He Is A True Gentleman

It's always nice when someone offers to help do the dishes after a delicious, perhaps messy, meal. It's exceptionally nice when that someone is your dog.
Baron the German shepherd is a service dog in training who doesn't mind assisting with after-dinner chores. His owner, Linda Gonzalez, told The Huffington Post that teaching her pup the trick wasn't very difficult -- it was a simple step-by-step process. Baron was just six months old when the video was filmed (can you imagine if a human of that age offered to help with this task?).
The nice doggy may have a leg up on his other four-legged counterparts; Gonzalez is the founder and owner of Hill County K-9, a pet training service in Ocean Side, California. She's been teaching Baron impressive stunts since he was a wee pup.
But let's not give all the credit to the human. Gonzalez said the shepherd's bright brain makes the training process easy. "It wasn't too hard," she said. "He's pretty smart." Not only is he smart, but Baron's got a good attitude; he does it all with a courteous tail wag.



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