Lola The Dog Reunited With Owners After 7 Years

A Florida family was surprised to find their Boston Terrier was alive and well seven years after disappearing.
“I never thought I was gonna see this puppy again,” Celina Papas, 19, told CBS Miami.
Lola the dog disappeared after digging a hole under a fence and escaping. The family looked for the dog for months, but to no avail.
Years later, Linda Gall acquired Lola through a Craigslist ad by the then-owner looking to give it away. When Gall took the pup to the vet, an implanted microchip revealed she originally belonged to the Homestead family. Gall immediately called original owner Julie Arango, and her daughter, Papas. More from CBS Miami:
Gall told 7 News that she didn't hesitate in contacting the original owners as soon as she found out who they were.
"I love animals, I care about them, and if they're missing their dog, it belongs to the person that lost the dog," Gall told the station.
Lola is now in the care of Arango and Papas, who drove to Ft. Lauderdale last Monday to bring the pooch back home.
“Even though it’s been seven years, we’re gonna pick up right where we left off,” Arango told CBS Miami.
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