Mate Select an online tool for your dog breeders

The Kennel Club website has an array of free online health information and resources which help dog breeders to make informed breeding decisions. One resource of particular relevance is Mate Select, which provides breeders, puppy buyers and owners with an opportunity to look up the health information that is available for each Kennel Club Breed registered dog.

Mate Select has been developed in conjunction with the Animal Health Trust and enables breeders to easily and accurately investigate the health of a potential sire or dam that they are thinking of using and integrate health screening and genetic diversity information into their breeding plans.

The services that are available online via Mate Select include:

  • The Health Test Result Finder - This resource allows you to search for health test results for any dog registered on the Kennel Club's Breed Register. Searching the database is easy and only requires the dog's registered name, registration number or stud book number. It will display any health screening test results received and recorded by the Kennel Club from any of the British Veterinary Association/Kennel Club (BVA/KC) health schemes (hip scheme, elbow scheme, eye scheme and syringomyelia/chiari like malformation scheme) or results from official Kennel Club DNA testing schemes.
  • Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) - This service produces a measure of an individual's genetic risk for specific complex conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. EBVs are used to calculate the genetic risk of the individual by utilising the dog's BVA/KC score and those of its relatives. EBVs are initially available for 28 breeds.
  • The Inbreeding Coefficient Calculators - High levels of inbreeding can impact the health of individual dogs and the breed as a whole and this facility enables breeders and puppy finders to calculate the likelihood that two copies of the same gene have been inherited from a common ancestor (otherwise known as the inbreeding coefficient). This can be calculated for an individual breed, an individual dog, or for potential puppies produced from a hypothetical mating. These resources use pedigree information stored on the Kennel Club's database to calculate the degree of inbreeding, or Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI). The lower the COI, the lower the degree of inbreeding.

These resources are designed to allow dog breeders and owners to make informed choices when deciding on a potential mate for their dog, or when considering a new pet. For further information visit 




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