These Weed-Infused Treats Could Ease Your Dog's Ailments

If your furry friend has an anxiety problem, the answer could be pot-infused dog treats.
HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd spoke on Monday with Julianna Carella, the founder of Treat-ibles, a company that sells canine snacks produced with cannabidiol, or CBD, one of the active cannabinoids in marijuana. Carella said owners who give their dogs Treat-ibles have reported a host of benefits, including reduced pain, inflammation and separation anxiety.
"It can generally give a dog just a calm feeling, which is great around Fourth of July and thunderstorms," Carella said.
Even though the treats are "100 percent safe and non-toxic," Carella said some pet owners have been hesitant:
Carella also noted that CBD differs from THC in that it's not psychoactive, meaning it eliminates the "stoned" feeling of smoking pot, and she does not recommend THC for dogs.
"If you give your dog THC, dogs are much more sensitive to the cannabinoids, and I don't really think that dogs like getting high," she said. "A lot of vets are complaining that animals are getting into the cannabis edibles that their pet owners are using, and this is the exact opposite of what we're trying to do. It's really not about getting the dog high, and we want to avoid that."
Learn more about Treat-ibles in the video above.
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