Eukanuba All Breeds Puppy Start

Eukanuba All Breeds Puppy Start Weaning represents a very vulnerable time for puppies as many changes are taking place in their development. Their acquired immunity from the mother is waning and they are yet to be vaccinated by the vet, so they need to be in peak health throughout this period. Eukanuba Puppy Start can help with a smooth transition to solid foods. • Highly digestible ingredients and a natural fibre blend, including beet pulp, MOS and the prebiotics FOS to help support the natural balance of the intestinal microflora and to help optimise nutrient absorption. • Excellent acceptance by puppies. • No. 1 ingredient is chicken. • Optimal ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 for a healthy skin and radiant coat • Gentle on the digestive system and promotes optimal nutrient absorption to reduce the risk of digestive upsets. • No colourants or preservatives added



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