These Soft, Cuddly Pups Named Sandy Need A Home

For many pups -- like Bo, the Obama’s adorable, frisbee-loving Portuguese water dog, or Insta-famous Manny the French Bulldog -- it truly is a dog’s life.
Unfortunately, millions of other lovable canines are left homeless, with approximately 7.6 million animals entering shelters nationwide every year (according to the ASPCA).
To give more deserving dogs a chance at a forever home -- though perhaps, a less glamorous one than Bo’s-- we’ve teamed up with Sony Picture’s “Annie," in theaters December 19, to bring you 15 shelter pups named Sandy that you can adopt right now.  
Willing to snuggle all winter long
This pup was down in the dumps before she was rescued after being abandoned in a ditch in Mississippi. Why don’t you cheer her up by taking her home?! This Sandy is an easygoing and playful Beagle mix puppy. She loves kids, plays well with other dogs, and is spayed and up-to-date on all her vaccinations -- all you need to do is contact Warm Fuzzy’s Cat Rescue in Belden, Mississippi to make her your own!
Ready for love
Stock up on this Sandy, and your supply of tail wags will never run dry! The Terrier/Corgi Mix has a loving, sweet personality and is friendly with both people and dogs. She’s crate and potty trained, and is looking to show off her bathroom skills to a proud, forever family. You can adopt her through Lovebugs Rescue in Corona Del Mar, California.
Big heart, bigger tongue
This squinty Sandy was recently saved from euthanasia -- so if you adopt her, you’ll also be saving another pup who could use her spot at Austin Pets Alive! in Austin, Texas. This Pit Bull Terrier Mix is spayed, is up-to-date on shots, and wants to show her adorable face in your home every single day.
Loves climbing...into your lap
In an unfortunate  sequence of events, this Sandy ended up testing positive for heartworm after being taken in at a shelter. Luckily, she’s being treated by Save-A-Pet -- but is looking for a family to foster her while she gets healthy (with high hopes that they’ll give her a permanent home!). She firmly believes an empty lap is an open invitation to climb into it and snuggle, and is always available for hugs. Learn more about her by contacting Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, Illinois.
Man’s best co-pilot
This Sandy clearly loves being in the front seat -- now all you need to do is drive her home! The adult Labrador Retriever Mix is house trained, spayed and evidently behaves well on road trips. You can adopt her through Special Pals Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas.
Accessorizes better than you do
Take this Sandy home, and maybe some of her fashion sense will rub off on you! This 7-year-old Dachshund weighs just 11 pounds and is looking for a quiet home with lots of love and attention. With eyes like that, though, it shouldn’t be too hard. Ask for her on your application at Breeder Release Adoption Service in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Melts hearts of stone...even yours
We don’t know much about this Sandy, except she’s just a pup and is absolutely adorable. The Shepherd and Retriever Mix is up-to-date on her shots and is seeking a forever snuggle partner, stat. Find out how to take her home by contacting the Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals in Midland, Texas.
Hot Momma
Doesn’t she look good for a mother of seven?! That’s right, seven. Sandy, a Terrier/Beagle mix, lost her home to a fire earlier this year, and gave birth to her litter as a stray. Her pups are all grown up now, so she’s looking forward to her next role as a lovable companion, or family pet. Contact Critter Cavalry Rescue New England in Coventry, Rhode Island, and learn how to make her yours.
Ready for his close-up
This lil’ guy has something to smile about: he’s excited to find his forever home! A Chihuahua Mix, this Sandy will always be little (he’s just 23 pounds!), but he has a big heart. He was found as a stray, but plays well with others -- and photographs even better. Sandy can be adopted through Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway, New Jersey.
Seeking a snuggle buddy
Cue the ‘Awwwwws’ and high-pitched voices used only for talking to incredibly cute, soft-eared mushes. This Sandy is just a puppy who loves people and craves attention. The Labrador Retriever and Spaniel Mix is already vaccinated and microchipped, so she’s 100 percent ready for her new home! For more information, reach out to Arf of Mercer in Ewing, New Jersey.
Easy on the eyes
This Siberian Husky has two unique eye colors, just like Kate Bosworth! However, there’s no family relation. A 7-year-old, sweet-tempered and calm animal, this Sandy has enjoyed enough treats to live up to his ‘husky’ namesake, and is currently on a careful diet. He enjoys long walks, playing in water and being especially fluffy. Think he’d make a good roommate (or cuddle buddy)? Contact Mapaw Siberian Husky Rescue & Referral Service, Inc., in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.
Got that ‘just back from the groomer’ swag
If this Sandy has one flaw in his looks, we can’t find it. The young Cocker Spaniel Mix is friendly, affectionate and bottom line, just wants to be loved. Don’t we all? Call the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center Inc. in Westminster, Maryland for more information!
Sweeter in person
Are you in love yet? This adorable Husky/Lab/Shepard mix puppy is a ball of fur and fun. As the smallest pup in his litter of three, this particular Sandy has a very sweet, gentle disposition and loves to play. He gets along with other dogs and children, is neutered and microchipped, and would make a great addition to any family! He’s available for adoption by Pet Rescue in Larchmont, New York.
Will mop your floors (with her tail)
The perfect blend of scruff and sweet, this Sandy is a 5-year-old Terrier. At just 28 pounds, she won’t take up a huge amount of space -- anywhere but your heart, that is! She’s adoptable through Animal Aid Inc., in Oakland Park, Florida.
A real people person
This Pit Bull Terrier Mix certainly knows how to smile. She’ll make one (or several) human(s) very happy with her cuddling, hugging and ball chasing -- though she’s still working on the ‘retrieving’ part. Ask to meet Sandy by contacting the Animal Care & Control of New York City. You’ll be guaranteed a lifetime of free kisses!
Got a shelter pup of your own (and proud of it)? To highlight their partnership with @BarkBox, Annie invites you to share your own rescue dogs by submitting photos below, using the hashtag #ImARescueToo and #AnnieMovie.



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