WATCH: New Dog Schooled By Old Tricks

This old dog need not concern herself with learning new tricks. In her case, it's the old tricks that are most useful for fooling the new dog.
When Autumn's owners brought home a new puppy earlier this winter, the 10-year-old boxer was quick to show "Dziki" (it's Polish for "wild animal") that wisdom trumps youth. Autumn chased the younger dog around a pile of snow, then disappeared quickly behind her humans. As Autumn caught her breath, Dziki chased cluelessly after her long-gone companion, circling the snow pile in vain.
Autumn's owner, Debbie Smalley, told The Huffington Post this encounter was the first time the dogs had ever played outside together, as they'd just brought the puppy home earlier that day.
Was Autumn's trickery intentional?
"It certainly seems that way!" says Smalley, who noted the older dog pulled the trick twice in a row, each time ducking off to the side while Dziki ran around in circles.
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