2 Women Reunite With Their Beloved Cats After East Village Building Explosion

Two women have found relief after a difficult week when they were reunited with their lost cats on Wednesday.
After an explosion on March 26 killed two people and decimated three buildings in New York’s East Village, Kathleen Blomberg and Yvonne Collery were displaced from their damaged apartments.
The two women found a bit of hope yesterday when they reunited with their cats, who had been missing since the explosion. Blomberg, who lived at 125 2nd Avenue -- a building currently under a full-vacate order -- reunited with her pets Kitty Cordelia and Sebastian after they were discovered Tuesday. Collery, who lived in the same building, was reunited with her feline friend, Laszlo.
“When I got the call, I just started screaming and crying and jumping up and down,” Blomberg told CBS New York. “I have no words, because, I mean, they’re my children. They’re not just cats.”
The NYPD and ASPCA found the kitties hiding under a bed in Blomberg’s 7th floor apartment, according to the New York Post. Blomberg had previously taken to Facebook and Instagram after the explosion, asking for her followers to repost her shared photos of Kitty Cordelia and Sebastian.
Since the explosion, the ASPCA, FDNY and NYPD have been working to find other missing pets, NBC 4 New York reports. The Washington Square Park Blog has maintained a running list advertising missing animals, providing updates as pets are found. Contact information for each East Village resident looking for an animal is provided.
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