Stanley the firestarting puppy kills two fellow pets

A four-month-old puppy left a trail of destruction after lighting his new home on fire. While his owner was out, Stanley the black Labrador leapt onto the cooker and switched it on, causing a fire which killed his fellow pets. A parrot named Dave and Vinny the hamster perished in the fire, and firefighters had to give Stanley oxygen. His owner, Deb Hague, returned to find her home badly damaged by smoke, with her menagerie of animals in a bad way. • Eight-month-old puppy deemed a 'security risk' to Prime Minister • Watch: Dogs get caught on camera behaving very strangely when left alone • Puppy saves owner from choking to death on a pickled onion The heat of the fire even melted a hamster cage which was placed on top of a ceramic hob. The fire service said that the hamster was able to get out of the cage after it melted, but he later died. A neighbour called the fire brigade when she spotted the smoke billowing out of the kitchen, and the puppy was carried to safety. Ms Hague, a nurse and mum-of-four from Sheerness, Kent, said: "It is absolutely devastating to think how your life can change in a matter of hours. "Stanley was really hurt in the incident and I thought we were going to lose him. "He was passing blood through his nose so we took him to an out-of-hours vet. "Luckily he is practically back to normal and we are trying to laugh about it all now. "Every dog has its day - we've joked about how we could change Stanley's name to Sooty instead."



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