Cop Crosses 5 Lanes Of Traffic To Rescue Frightened Puppy

A traffic cop in Peru is making headlines around the world after he was caught on video crossing five lanes of traffic to rescue a frightened puppy.
The undated video shows the officer methodically stopping traffic on a busy roadway. At one point, a large truck blows right past the cop, highlighting the dangerous nature of the situation. But most of the cars obey his commands and allow him to cross the highway, grab the little pup and return to the safety of the sidewalk.
The Daily Mail identified the officer as 34-year-old Juan Manuel Iman Zena, who said (of course): "I was only doing my job."
"I could see that there was no way the young dog was going to make it back and it's amazing he even managed to get the central reservation in the first place," the paper quoted Zena as saying. "I knew it was about to be hit at any moment, and was worried that if a car tried to swerve it might cause an accident."
Zena found a phone number on the dog's collar and was able to reunite the animal with its owner.
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