38th Intenational Dog Show Eindhoven 6-8 February - winners

FCI group I

1 Place — Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Jethro Tull of Padirac, owner - R. van de Wal

FCI group II

1 Place — Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) Fullhouse Bordeaux Red Forest, owner - J. Toonen

FCI group III

1 Place — American Staffordshire Terrier Carmichael's For Your Eyes Only, owner - O.H.M.M. Verhorevoort

FCI group IV

1 Place — Dachshund Miniature short-haired, Desperate Dan vom Brendelstein, owner - A. Lewantowitsch

FCI group V

1 Place — Alaskan Malamute Marahootay Prince Of Persia, owner - Mrs. S.M.R. Finan

FCI group VI

1 Place — Bloodhound (Chien de Saint-Hubert) Loamy Lane's Louis, owner - L. Jelsma

FCI group VII

1 Place — Weimaraner Doc N' Camelot's Heaven Can Wait, owner - E. Lenaerts

FCI group VIII

1 Place — Curly Coated Retriever Oranje Boven van Elegast, owner - B. M. v. der Zwet

FCI group IX

1 Place — Lhasa Apso Close To Perfection Next To You, owner - M Radstok

FCI group X

1 Place — Whippet Jesrae Game of Thrones, owner - JW Akerboom - van der Schaaf

Source: www.raadvanbeheer.nl



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