This Is What Is Wrong With America

You, sir, are what is wrong with America.
In the four years since you decided to return your dog's loyal and boundless affection with a direct blast of your creatine-soaked ass gas, we hope that your pup has wised up and moved on.
Perhaps he's run away to somewhere where the treats are plentiful and the bitches are always hot. Or at very least, we hope that he has gone somewhere where he smells butt by choice, not by grievous malice.
Your obsession with returning love with hate is a symptom of a malaise that plagues our great country. Your flatulence is a metaphor for the attitude of trolls of all strata; that sincere interest is punishable by brash dismissal for your own selfish amusement. For shame, for shame, for shame!
(H/T Reddit)
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