Monday Matters: A Walk Home To Remember, An Unbreakable Friendship And Adorable Bulldogs

While some days of the week get awarded a “fun” title (cough, cough, Sunday Funday), Monday seems to get the short end of the stick (cough, cough, Manic Monday).
But here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we’re looking to change that.
We believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favorite stories, videos and feel-good campaigns of the past week that prove seizing every day, minute and moment truly matters. #MondayMatters
A Whole Lotta Bull
Sometimes, a “whole lotta bull” is OK -- especially when “bull” refers to bulldogs. Precisely 200 of them … in costume! At the 4th annual Bullie Que festival on April 11, mostly bulldogs -- and a few Frenchies and pugs -- gathered in North Carolina for a bulldog superhero contest and pup-related festivities. A silent auction during the event benefited bulldog rescue group Bullies 2 the Rescue, a cause we can all wag our tails about.
Lean On Me
True friendship is hard to come by, but there’s no confusion about where Xie Xu’s loyalty lies. The 18-year-old high school student from China has been carrying his friend, Zhang Chi, from his dorm room to class for three years. Chi, a 19-year-old with muscular dystrophy, rides in style -- piggyback-style -- and hasn’t missed a class yet. Despite the difficult trek, the pair have been able to stay at the top of their class!
Sweet Gestures Never Go Out Of Style
No matter how you feel about Taylor Swift’s music (or taste in men), even the pop star’s biggest cynics have to admit her fans really love her. In fact, sisters Sam Brady, 11, and Jo Brady, 8, of Salt Lake City Utah, adore the pop singer so much that they crafted 1,989 paper cranes for her mother, Andrea Swift, who was diagnosed with cancer. The significance of the cranes comes from a Japanese legend that says anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish, and the number is a nod to Swift’s latest album, “1989.” In a video featuring the Brady sisters’ project, the pair wished the artist’s mom would get better.
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