Monday Matters: The Cutest Corgis, Surprise Twins And Best Pizza Party Of The Last Week

There’s a reason we say TGIF and not TGIM. Okay, several reasons (the weekend is five days away, we have unread emails piled up, we couldn’t sleep after "Game of Thrones" last night…).
But here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we’re looking to change that.
We believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favorite stories, videos and feel-good campaigns of the past week that prove seizing every day, minute and moment truly matters. #MondayMatters
Life’s A Doggone Beach
When just one corgi flop is this fun to watch, it’s natural for a beach full of 634 of them (and their humans) to attract national attention. Proving every dog -- or at least, every corgi -- has its day, last Saturday’s So Cal Corgi Beach Day in Huntington Beach, California made a splash with a doggie fiesta of epic proportions.  
Real Customer Service
Let’s all be better people and take a page out of Ashley Jiron's book. After discovering someone had rummaged through the dumpsters behind her shop looking for food, the restaurant owner in Warr Acres, Oklahoma posted fliers with this heartwarming message around her building, inviting the mystery scavenger in for a complimentary meal.
Double The Baby Drama
Many first-time parents leave the sex of their unborn baby a mystery until birth. But this Florida couple decided to drop an even bigger surprise on their friends and family: they didn’t just have one baby, but twins! And to warm our stone-cold hearts, they caught their loved ones’ priceless reactions on video. Get your tissues ready!
Homeward Bound
Piglet and Pooh Bear, Timon and Pumbaa, Sulley and Boo. Sometimes, mismatched pairs make the best of friends. The inseparable bond between two down-on-their-luck dogs (Buster, a boxer, and Little Miss, a chihuahua), went viral after this photo was posted online. To avoid breaking up the unlikely-yet-undeniably-perfect duo, rescuers requested the pair be adopted together. Luckily, this love story has a happy ending: both pups found their happily ever after with a family in California.
Extracurriculars On Fleek
Harold Ekeh -- the Elmont, New York teen who was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools earlier this month -- isn’t the only one with a tough decision to make before May. Munira Khalif, a high school senior from St. Paul, Minnesota, was accepted to all the Ivy Leagues in addition to Stanford and Georgetown. We’re assuming she wrote one heck of an essay!
Subway Surprise Party
Typically, a ride on the New York City subway means shoulder-to-shoulder standing room, inevitable delays and questionable smells. But this all changed when Improv Everywhere hosted a spontaneous pizza party aboard a random train. Watch the riders’ delight as they’re rewarded for good subway etiquette (like not manspreading or eating tuna in a packed car) with free pizza.
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