Responsible dog ownership - compulsory microchipping

The Kennel Club continues to be heavily involved in discussions on compulsory mircrochipping across the UK. We were referenced heavily in the recent debates in Westminster, where microchipping regulations have passed and will be introduced in April 2016. More recently we have responded to a consultation on microchipping issued by the Welsh Assembly.

The Kennel Club briefed MPs and Peers ahead of debates on compulsory microchipping. As a result, we were referred to throughout the debates and MPs and Peers alike expressed our desire for Defra to publicise which databases comply with the new regulations in order that dog owners are aware (for example, Petlog). Defra confirmed during the debate that this information would be made public and in the meanwhile the public affairs team have worked to develop a fact sheet on compulsory microchipping which has been approved by Defra officials and can now be found on the Defra website.

The regulations on compulsory microchipping have now passed through Parliament and will be introduced in April 2016.

The Welsh Assembly has recently issued their consultation on how compulsory micrcohipping in Wales will work in practice. We will highlight the need for consistency across the UK in our response to them.

The Scottish Government has also announced that they will be introducing compulsory microchipping and we await their consultation. 




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