Kennel Club’s campaign on fairer access for dog walkers

Access is an important issue for dog owners, who must continue to be able to exercise their dogs off lead in their locality. The Kennel Club has recently been involved in a joint project with the National Farmers Union to help them engage with dog owners and have taken part in an event where a Kennel Club representative focussed on best practice by local authorities when looking at access. In addition to this we continue to campaign on the unfair restrictions at Burnham Beeches.

Partnership with National Farmers Union (NFU) for dog walkers in the countryside

Crufts marked the launch of a joint project between the Kennel Club and the NFU to make signage for dog walkers in the countryside more engaging, friendly and accurate to help farmers, livestock and dog owners alike.

Kennel Club participation in 'Best Practice Day' for local authorities

We were delighted to take part in an event ran by East Hampshire District Council on dog ownership where we focussed on Best Practice for local authorities and other organisations regarding access considerations when looking at dog control in the community and gave advice to local authorities on how to engage better with dog owners. If you work for a local authority putting on a similar seminar and would benefit from this advice please contact

Burnham Beeches Dog Control Orders

Despite the Kennel Club's best efforts, the City of London Corporation (CoL), who regrettably still introduced sweeping Dog Control Orders across 540 acres of woodland at Burnham Beeches, near Slough in Buckinghamshire on 1 December 2014. We are still exploring several legal avenues to see if the restrictions can be overturned. If anyone is given a fixed penalty fine at Burnham Beeches for dog control, or parking on Park Lane or along the roadside or car park at Pumpkin Hill, do get in touch with us as soon as possible by contacting A Burnham Beeches Facebook group has also been set up by local dog walkers, who were key to raising the profile of these unjust restrictions with local politicians and the media. If you have any difficulty joining and would like to, then please contact

Dog-friendly planning

Many of the problems we now face about restrictions on dog walking would not exist if dog-friendly greenspaces were provided and protected when new homes are built; we know there will be a dog living in around a third of all new houses

Two years ago at Crufts we launched the UK's first guidance for local councils to help them plan for dog ownership, in partnership with Hampshire County Council and the Whitehill and Bordon Eco-town. In the past three months, our team has attended several meetings and responded in detail to two England-wide government consultations about planning, so that needless conflict can be designed out from the start. European laws also require good planning for dog ownership in new homes near wildlife sites. In partnership with Hampshire County Council we are organising a seminar for council planners on dog ownership this Autumn; you can find our current planning guidance at:




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