South Carolina State Championship

Sponsored by the Lake Darpo CHA
March 13 & 14, 2015
Darlington, South Carolina
Purina Points Event

South Carolina State Hunt Champion: Information not provided.

South Carolina State King of Show: CH 'PR' Southeaserns Cutters Edge, ENG, owned by Rhonda Brown, Darrell Brown of Walnut Cove, North Carolina, handled by Rhonda.

South Carolina State Queen of Show: Information not provided.

Friday, March 13
Nite Hunt
MOH: Bobby Player
Total Entered: 68

Grand Nite Champion/High Scoring Dog on Friday: GR NITE CH 'PR' Yadkin River Gin, TW, owned by Autrey Jay Moody & Thomas Brandon Huggins of Dillon, South Carolina, handled by Autrey, 800+.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH 'PR' Machine Gun Chopper, TW, owned & handled by Edward Amerson, Jr., of Bishopville, South Carolina, 400+.

2nd: NITE CH 'PR' Huggin's Lay'em Up Pretty Boy, TW, owned & handled by James Huggins of Nichols, South Carolina, 350+.


1st: 'PR' Skuna River Polyah, TW, owned & handled by Charlie McLaughlin of Hartsville, South Carolina, 450+.

2nd: 'PR' Shea's Tequila Rose, TW, owned by George Ryan Eaddy of Johnsonville, South Carolina, handled by Rodney Altman, 400+.

3rd: 'PR' Westers Nightmare, TW, owned & handled by Scott Wester of Fairmont, North Carolina, 350+.

4th: 'PR' Ashpole's Screamin Pearl, TW, owned by Timothy Rogers, Rocky Hodge of Nichols, South Carolina, 25+.

Bench Show
BSJ: William R. Conrad, Jr.
Total Entered: 24

Grand Champion Male: GR CH 'PR' Scruboak's Midnight Thunder, B&T, owned & handled by Ella Meeks of Bishopville, South Carolina.

Grand Champion Female: GR CH 'PR' Ben's Creek Southern Kat, TW, owned by John R. Boyter of Woodruff, South Carolina, handled by Meredith Henderson.

Champion Male: CH 'PR' Champs History In The Making, TW, owned by Danielle or Gary Champ of Duck, West Virginia, handled by Danielle.

Champion Female: CH 'PR' Barbie's Watchem Whispe, TW, owned by Melody Cunningham, Eric Cunningham of Duck, West Virginia, handled by Melody.

BMOS: 'PR' BG's Tuck-Up Axel, TW, owned & handled by Blair Garrett of Oxford, North Carolina.

BFOS: 'PR' Bens Creek Southern Carolina Gold, TW, owned by Kay Boyter of Woodruff, South Carolina, handled by John Boyter.

American Leopard Hound
Male Puppy/BMOB: Posted Land T.J., owned & handled by Jerry Lee of Alcolu, South Carolina.
Female Puppy/BFOB: Posted Land Fred, owned & handled by Jerry Lee.

English Coonhound
Senior Male/BMOB: 'PR' J&P Top Gun Little Ruger, ENG, owned by Brendan E. Taylor, Ronald E. Jackson of District Heights, Maryland, handled by Ronald.
Junior Female/BFOB: 'PR' Byrd Creek Fancy Girl, owned by Cecil Thurston of Columbia, Virginia, handled by Kenneth Dameron.

Plott Hound
Senior Male/BMOB: 'PR' Suncrest Messin' With Sasquatch, owned by Don E. or Becky P. Church of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, handled by Becky.

Redbone Coonhound
Senior Male/BMOB: 'PR' Harleigh's Little Red Dan, RED, owned & handled by Harleigh Brewer of Florence, South Carolina.

Treeing Walker Coonhound
Junior Male/BMOB: 'PR' BG's Tuck-Up Axel.
Female Puppy/BFOB: 'PR' Bens Creek Southern Carolina Gold.
Junior Female: 'PR' Skuna River Grub, owned & handled by Ben Thomas Moss, Jr., of Hamlet, North Carolina.
Senior Female: 'PR' Down And Dirty Lilly, owned & handled by Blair Garrett.

Saturday, March 14
Nite Hunt
MOH: William R. Conrad, Jr.
Total Entered: 60

Grand Nite Champion/High Scoring Dog Saturday: GR CH GR NITE CH 'PR' Pee Dee River Stylish Bone, TW, owned by John Q. Atkinson, Jr., or Brad Cooper of Marion, South Carolina, handed by Brad, 900+.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH 'PR' After Dark Dolly, TW, owned & handled by Colt Ellis of Lancaster, South Carolina, 450+.


1st: 'PR' Ashpole's Scream'n Strong, TW, owned & handled by Rocky Hodge of Fairmont, North Carolina, 837½+.

2nd: 'PR' Robert Allen's Dolly, TW, owned & handled by Bradley Allen of Polkton, North Carolina, 450+.

3rd: 'PR' Collect And Drive, TW, owned & handled by Bryan W. Smith of Gresham, South Carolina, 350+.

4th: CH 'PR' Fitzko's Cracklin Thunder, TW, owned & handled by Danny Lee Fitzko, Jr., of Kernersville, North Carolina, 300+.

5th: 'PR' Craig's Aflac, TW, owned by Roy Craig of Westville, South Carolina, 200+.

6th: 'PR' Slow Talking Big Mac, TW, owned by Stephen Nicholson or Derrick Nettels of Johnsonville, South Carolina, 100+.

Bench Show
BSJ: David W. Gardin
Total Entered: 27

Grand Champion Male: GR CH CCH 'PR' Shy Town Snap Crackle Pop, RED, owned & handled by Mary Reynolds of Portland, Indiana.

Grand Champion Female: GR CH CCH 'PR' Flatwood's Fading Mist, TW, owned by Loyd S. or Gerald S. Black of Greer, South Carolina, handled by Gerald.

Champion Male: CH 'PR' Southeaserns Cutters Edge, ENG.

Champion Female: CH 'PR' Champs Backwoods Beauty Queen, TW, owned by Danielle or Gary Champ, handled by Danielle.

BMOS: 'PR' Suncrest Messin' With Sasquatch.

BFOS: CCH 'PR' Southern Flame Chantilly Lace, BLU, owned by Cynthia Grooms, Gerald Black of Rockingham, North Carolina, handled by Cynthia.

Bluetick Coonhound
Female Puppy/BFOB: CCH 'PR' Southern Flame Chantilly Lace.

English Coonhound
Senior Male/BMOB'PR' J&P Top Gun Little Ruger.
Junior Female/BFOB: 'PR' Byrd Creek Fancy Girl.

Plott Hound
Senior Male/BMOB: 'PR' Suncrest Messin' With Sasquatch.

Treeing Walker Coonhound
Male Puppy: 'PR' Wonderboy's Carolina Charmer, TW, owned & handled by Melissa Houston of Connelly Springs, North Carolina.
Junior Male/BMOB: 'PR' Brushy Mtn Blaze Of Glory, owned & handled by Hope Fields of Ceres, Virginia.
Senior Male: 'PR' Sideshow Boys 'Round Here, owned by Misty Hinson, Brad Hinson of Dallas, North Carolina, handled by Misty.
Senior Female/BFOB: 'PR' Down And Dirty Lilly.

Pairs Winners: Information not provided




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