British scientists identified the breed that attacks people most often

According to The Independent, in Britain the biggest number of claims about moral and physical compensation due to animal attacks were cause by Labrador Retrievers

Research was conducted by experts from insurance company Animal Friends. They found out that Labradors who are “children’s best friends” are bitter enemies of postmen: almost 1/3 of all incidents happened with the participation of courier and post employees. Men were bitten by Labradors more often that women. In 2015 the Royal Mail registered 2.6 thousand incidents during which its workers were attacked by dogs.

According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, dogs do attack strangers that come to their house as animals perceive them as menace to their “family pack”. In summer these attacks grow by 10 % because pets and children spend a lot of time in the yard. 

Mr. Mugford advises postmen to make friends with local dogs and win their favour by giving them something tasty. He claims that dogs memorize people pretty well and won’t bite those who treat them kindly.

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