Terrier Racing Opens to All-Breeds in 2015

Kalamazoo, MI, December 16, 20142015 Drag Racing Rulebook and Event Manual is now available. Terrier Racing has become Drag Racing and is now open to all breeds 18 inches and under! We have opened up this competition to allow any small dog the opportunity to demonstrate their natural prey drive! Now, any dog that can fit comfortably in the box, can race down the track and into the hole! Dogs are separated by body type rather than breed in Drag Racing and there have been a few other changes to the rules as well. These changes are indicated in italic text to make them easier to find. We also renamed the Drag Racing rules to include the words “Event Manual” due to the abundance of information contained in the old Terrier Race rules explaining how to run an event. The format was also revised to be more streamlined, easier to read and locate the information you are looking for. If you have any questions about the new Drag Racing rules or need any clarification, please contact us at performance@ukcdogs.com or call the office at (269) 343-9020.



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