Eight-month-old puppy deemed a 'security risk' to Prime Minister

An eight-month-old puppy was barred from getting too close to David Cameron after bizarrely being deemed a security risk, it has been reported. The Prime Minister’s aides reportedly ordered that the terrier must be kept well away from the Conservative Party leader. Owner Sarah Styler, 49, waited to speak to Mr Cameron outside a church hall in Cheltenham where he gave a speech about inheritance tax. Shortly before he emerged from the building she was told that she would only be allowed to speak to the Prime Minister if her dog, a Jack Russell and poodle cross-breed, was removed from vicinity. A Tory aide took the dog from her and walked him over to the other side of the road to what was believed to be a safe distance from the Prime Minister. As Silver was returned to Mrs Styler, the aide told her: “The Prime Minister loves dogs, but it was just for security.” Mrs Styler, who is the head of polo at Cheltenham College, told the Mail: “It's quite funny that they did not want Silver near the PM, but I guess as an eight-month-old Jack Terrier poodle he is quite a security threat.” She added: “I'm surprised MI5 are not getting involved.”



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