12 smart rules for dog owners

12 smart rules for dog owners
It's always the owner who is responsible for the dog's behaviour. The more people that get angry, irritated or afraid of the dogs the greater the risk for banning them where they were welcomed before. Please follow our simple rules - it makes a big difference.

Pick up the litter!

Pick up after your dog – dog mess creates irritation.

Keep your dog on a lead!
Show respect for your surroundings – don’t let your dog run free in public places.

No barking dogs!
Not everyone appreciates loud barking.

No hunting!
Neither wild nor domestic animals should be hunted uncontrolled by your dog.

Travel with your dog!
Please sit/stand in a designated area when using public transport. Don’t ever leave your dog in a warm or ice-cold car or fastened to a car bumper.

Insure your dog!
Always insure your dog – it’s worth it.

Show respect towards other dogs!
Please respect, that not all dogs want or should meet.

Show respect towards other people!
Please show consideration in public places.

Don’t expose your dog to fireworks!
Fireworks can frighten your dog for life.

Show your dog respect!
A dog is neither a toy nor an accessory.

Dog owner registration!
To have your dog ID-chipped is invaluable if your dog gets lost.

Never leave your dog unattended outside a shop!
Your dog can both hurt others and be hurt itself. Opportunity also makes the thief.



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