Dog Eats Enough Homework To Make Old MacDonald Blush

Well, there goes the farm -- a farm diorama of the Middle Ages, that is.
Texas high school sophomore Reagan Hardin made the model as an assignment for her AP World History class earlier this month, but she couldn't turn in for credit after her dog, Roscoe, ate it.
Yep, thanks to Roscoe, Reagan had to use the line that's synonymous with unbelievable excuses everywhere: "My dog ate my homework."
Roscoe has recovered from his brush with the Middle Ages after being rushed to the vet, where Dr. Carl Southern, of the North Houston Veterinary Specialists, said he removed enough farm animals to make Old MacDonald blush.
"There was every farm animal you could think of in there," he told KHOU. "Sheep, horses, cows... some of them he ended up passing on his own, but we got the majority of them out."
The office did not immediately return a request for further comment from The Huffington Post.
Houston Press reports all the plastic pieces were safely removed with an endoscope, sparing Roscoe from what would have otherwise been a much more invasive surgical procedure.
As for Reagan, after supplying proof of the dog's odd appetite to her teacher, she was allowed to make a second diorama, one she presumably kept well away from Roscoe.



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