Introducing the Newest Online Tool for Dog Owners: Your Pet Record!

KALAMAZOO, MICH. April 7, 2015 - United Kennel Club is proud to announce its partnership with Your Pet Record. Your Pet Record (YPR) is a user-friendly, password protected, electronic record keeping system allowing users to electronically store all of their dogs'€™ medical data and important documents in a single online vault. This system will be available to UKC registrants for only $45/year using the promo code "€œUKCDOGS15€"; that is a 75% savings from the regular market value of $180.

Users can upload copies of dogs' registration documents, breeding records, health certifications, and important health information like medications, vaccinations and medical images of x-rays or ultrasounds, all in one online location.

YPR is great for when you'€™re on the road! You'€™re able to access your dogs' documents anywhere, but you'€™re in control of who can access your stored information. Share copies of your dogs'€™ pedigrees with your new pup buyers or medical records with your veterinarian. Use YPR to keep track of event and appointment dates. This service allows you to manage up to eight pet profiles with one YPR account. The "€œIn Case of Emergency" (I.C.E.) feature can be crucial during an emergency if your dog is not in your care - with just one click, provide instant, read-only access of pertinent information to a veterinarian or kennel help.

Visit for more information and to sign up today. Call 1-888-648-5072 for assistance with setting up your account.




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