What do we mean by Dog Agility?

Что такое аджилити для собак?

Agility is a sport for dogs, where handler leads the dog through the obstacle course in a race for time and performance accuracy. Dogs run off-leash, without food and toys as stimulation, and the handler does not have a right to deal with the dog or obstacles. The handler’s influence is limited to voice, movements and body language, requiring excellent training of the animal and good coordination of the trainer.

In its simplest structure, agility track consists of a set of standard obstacles, arranged by a judge, constructed in his/her own design in a selected location. Track field can be made of grass, dirt, rubber, or special coating. Depending on the type of events, obstacles may be numbered, showing the order in which they should be passed.

Agility dog fotos

The track or course is usually complicated enough that the dog could not pass it correctly without human help. Before each competition, the trainer has to evaluate the obstacle course, decide on its negotiating strategies, and send the dog through the course, calculating its possible speed and accuracy. There are numerous strategies to compensate the inherent differences in the reaction of people and dogs, the strengths and weaknesses of animals and their handlers.

So, what is the main attraction of agility as a dog sport, which benefits it offers?

Agility training is based on the ability to find a common language between dog and its owner. It learns to use body signals to communicate in a clear and effective way.

Another advantage of agility is that it provides physical activity, improving the dog’s behavior. If you have ever taken your dog for a long run just to make sure upon return – he has greater energy and pressure than you had before the start. This is because vigorous exercise is good only for body, and they do not provide anything for brain training.

Agility dog fotos

If you are searching for a way to:

  • Solve the dog’s behavior problems
  • Load your dog either in a physical or mental way
  • Improve the dogs’ reliability without a leash
  • Make progress in all aspects of learning and communicating with your dog
  • Build a strong bond between you and your pet
  • Gain a really good ability to surprise the uninitiated public
  • Get a lot of pleasure and fun from training,

  Then agility is just created for you!