Running the obstacle course and determining the results of agility

Запуск курса и определение результатов аджилити

The judge often conducts a briefing (instructions) for the participants before each competition class, introducing them to the rules and outlining the specific requirements for each course. For novice trainers in classes with complex rules, briefings are rather long.

Later, competitors walk around the course. When a walk through is completed, the gate steward or manager calls the dogs’ names during the roll-call, ensuring that all dogs will enter the ring in their running order, previously established by judicial secretary, and makes changes to this order, if any conflict occurred between handlers, concerning their priority. Once the team dog-trainer started the course, dog’s time is measured by a person with a stopwatch or with an electronic timer, and the secretary records each judge’s call and final time of the dog in a special form or ticket, which is later taken to the score table for results calculation.

In the score table, the points’ keepers summarize the results in different ways. Some organizations require or encourage computerized counting; others insist on different score sheets for recording the results manually. When all the dogs in the qualifying group, level or class have completed their course runs, the score table compares their course times, faults and other results to determine the winners and placements (in classes where qualifying points are assigned towards titles, to determine the participants earned them).

Several classes’ competitions may be held on the same ring during the day, which requires fast construction of various obstacle courses, members walk-throughs, instructions, and so on.