Kennel Club Agility Regulation

It is widely known that Agility was first presented to the audience in the UK on a Crufts show in 1978. English Kennel Club, together with the organizers of Crufts and Scruffts shows is, in fact, a founder of agility as a sport for dogs, with the structure of competition left unchanged over the years.

The Kennel Club has relatively soft, flexible rules on agility and holds numerous events for mixed-breed dogs. All agility trials are organized by the general instructions set out in the Kennel Club Regulations (General Regulations for Agility and Flyball Competitions) and must be strictly followed by participants.

According to the rules of the club - agility is the aptitude of handlers and their dogs to compete, for which they should prove their fitness, good physical shape. In compliance with the general regulations and safety standards no formalities exists, all societies are free to act on their own discretion. Agility show should eliminate everything that might endanger animals, handlers or spectators at the competitions.

This Club is entitled to arrange only licensed agility shows.

Licensed agility shows – are the trials, which according to the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations, are held under license issued by the General Committee of the Club. They are divided into:

a) Championship Agility Shows – which are open to all competitors, except when a qualification for participation must be confirmed by the General Committee of the Kennel Club. Club’s Agility Certificates are available for all participants. Any number of standard or special competition classes can be planned, including qualifying rounds for the Kennel Club trials.

b) Premier Agility Shows - are available to all participants. They allow scheduling any number of standard or special classes, including qualifying rounds for Kennel Club trials.

c) Open Agility Shows - are accessible to all participants. Any number of standard or special classes can be planned, except the qualifying rounds for Kennel Club trials.

d) Limited Agility Shows – with a limited number of individual classes or limited number of participants in each class, total number of competition entries, certain breeds, the territorial affiliation of participants, membership in societies or organizations or in any other manner at the discretion of the organizers.

Up to three standard classes can be arranged and any number of special classes, excluding the qualifying rounds for the Kennel Club competition.

e). Matches - where the right of access is limited to the some societies’ members.