The Nebelung is a tender, calm and affectionate cat with graceful, slim physique and glimmering silvery-blue coat. This breed is essentially the longhaired version of the Russian Blue and shares its lively but still gentle nature. It was developed in 80s of XX century and nowadays it reckons among relatively rare feline varieties.

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Being the variety of the Russian Blue the Nebelung is marked by gorgeous silky coat, which seems to hover over its sleek body like a mist. Actually the word «nebel» is translated from German as «mist» or «fog». The second meaning of its name implies to a mediaeval German legend called the Nibelungenlied.

The breed was created by Cora Cobb who owned the Nebelheim Cattery. In 1984 she received the litter from the romance between a longhaired black male and a black domestic shorthaired female named Elsa. One of their offspring was born with a fascinatingly beautiful long blue coat. Cobb was absolutely stunned by this fact and decided to breed more cats with this prominent feature. She gave this male kitten the name Siegfried. The second litter gave a female kitten with long and silky long coat, which was named Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde served as the foundation of development of a new breed and were crossed in 1986.

Russian Blue cats, which were the carriers of the longhair gene, were brought from Eastern Europe in the late 80s of XX. They were included in the breeding program of the Nebelung and helped to ensure sufficient variety of its gene pool. The International Cat Association granted it the status of the New Breed in 1987 and fully recognised this cat in 1997. It’s acceptable to outcross its specimen to the Russian Blue. The Nebelung also has recognition of the Cat Fanciers Federation and the Traditional Cat Association.


The Nebelung is well-known for its calm, affectionate and somewhat bashful character. Despite its reserved and quite nature this cat is always eager to play and likes to climb to the highest place in your dwelling where it can supervise the doings of its special people. It tends to avoid the caress of strangers but demonstrates uncompromising love and loyalty to its master. This breed is an impressionable cat and will feel offended if it doesn’t get the same amount of affection it gives. Without sufficient attention it can gradually turn into nervous and fearful creature.

This polite and friendly cat is commonly fine even with a household dog although a good amount of socialisation is a must for their peaceful co-existence. Children will love the agility and quick-wittedness of the Nebelung and will teach it various commands and tricks. Make sure to provide this cat with different interactive toys so it can amuse itself during the day while you are busy or at work. It will enjoy every minute spent with you and will become an ever-lasting source of entertainment with its surprisingly skilful paws and clever pranks.

The Nebelung prefers to live in quiet and stable households. It’s essential to keep its daily routine as stable as possible since every change makes it uneasy. This cat will make a reliable substitution for your alarm clock so you will never miss your work and it will never miss its breakfast. If you are ready to devote this breed enough attention and affection on a daily basis it will reward you with boundless loyalty and love.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· bladder stones;

· obesity.


The Nebelung has relatively low grooming requirements. Its long and thick coat should be thoroughly combed couple times a week in order to keep it free from loose hair, tangles and matts. In the spring this cat will shed its seasonal coat so it’s advisable to apply more frequent brushing during these periods.

The rest is a standard care. The cat’s nails should be trimmed on a regular basis as well as its ears should be periodically checked and cleaned when needed. Daily brushing of the cat’s teeth is optimal but weekly dental hygiene is certainly better than nothing.

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