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Life span (years):
Hair length:
Middle, Short
Recognized by:
brown ticked tabby, solid black, black grizzled ticked tabby
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The Chausie is a slender and tall feline variety whose name derived from the Latin term for the Jungle Cat, felis chasus. This lively and agile breed has body constitution of a true athlete and sweet and biddable disposition of an excellent family pet. Its exotic primitive appearance earned this cat admiration of thousands of cat’s fanciers from all over the world.

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The immediate descendent of the Chausie is the Jungle Cat, which inhabits from the Nile Valley to the Caspian. This unique species of cat can also be met in South Asia as far as in Vietnam. Its domestication is traced back to the period of the ancient Egyptians. They prized this cat for its amicable demeanour and unparalleled hunting prowess.

Jungle Cats were oftentimes buried alongside with their deceased owners providing living testimony of the esteem in which they were held. They were supposed to escort their masters in the afterlife. It’s speculated that the prototype of the sculpture of the Goddess Bastet was the Jungle Cat and the likeness can be definitely observed in her elongated graceful body, willowy appearance, and protruding ears.

From time to time the Jungle Cat was crossed with ordinary domestic cats, so this type of hybrid occasionally appeared from North America to Southeast Asia for several past centuries. Nonetheless, the first official report of breeding of a Jungle Cat with an ordinary cat dated back to the 90s of the XX century. Thanks to combined efforts of breeders the Chausie achieved recognition of the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1995. The breed was also granted with Championship status starting May 1, 2013.


The Chausie is a fairly temperamental and lively cat, which commonly develops intense devotion to its human family. The breed is known for its peaceable nature and incredible playfulness. It loves to always stay close to its master and observe its actions. Some cat’s fanciers proclaim that it highly resembles a dog in character and can be trained to play fetch or even walk on a leash.

This breed is also apt to demonstrate a well-expressed separation anxiety so it shouldn’t be left alone for any long periods of time. The Chausie will eagerly interact with children and participate in their games. This breed can be easily introduced to the household with other species of pets including a cat-friendly dog.

The Chausie is a supreme athlete and an avid jumper. It’s essential to keep the mind of this smart cat constantly busy with some puzzle toys or training routine otherwise it can get bored and become destructive. This breed will make an accomplished feline companion for everyone who prefers to have active and cheerful cat that will also provide necessary comfort after an unfortunate day.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· problems with a digestive tract;

· gluten-intolerance.


The Chausie is rather unpretentious breed as far as its maintenance concerns. Its short soft coat will look lustrous and healthy with only occasional brushing. This domestic cat is an average shedder and will lose its hair during the warmer part of the year. Its owner should resort to more frequent brushing during these periods, which will prevent loose hair from accumulating in your house.

The Chausie should be always kept on a gluten-free diet in order to avoid any disorders of digestion. It’s also important to pay enough attention to regular cleaning of the cat’s ears as well as to weekly brushing of its teeth. The litter box of this cat should be kept spotlessly clean at all times because it’s an extremely neat animal.