Australian Mist

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blue, brown, chocolate, gold, lilac, peach
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The Australian Mist is a medium-sized breed with easy-going and calm personality, which was developed in Australia in the late 70s of the XX century. This graceful and steadfast cat commands wide popularity from Australians as well as it’s gradually acquiring more and more fanciers outside its native land.

Photo: © Rosevalley Australian Mist Cats


Numerous cat lovers have to thank for the creation of the delightful Australian Mist Dr. Truda Straede (Nintu Cattery) who developed this breed from scratch to complete recognition over nine years starting from 1977. In the breeding program she used more than 30 pedigreed cats, 50 per cent of them were the Burmese, 25 per cent each were the Australian Moggy and the Abyssinian.

The Australian Mist took from the Burmese its smoky coloration, tranquil temperament, several variants of coat colours and patterns, overall physique and stature. The Abyssinian presented it with two gorgeous colorations and vigorous savvy. The blood of the Australian Moggy was added in order to improve general health of this budging breed, including its mothering capabilities. Moreover it allowed limiting the size of its litter to four kittens on average.

Today the Australian Mist is eligible for registration in its native Australia although it has already earned sizeable recognition as Championship quality purebred cat overseas.


The Australian Mist is a moderately lively animal, which adapts well to any type of living situation. Most of its specimens make typical lap cats and crave for staying near their masters all day long. Make sure to devote enough attention to your pet on a daily basis otherwise it will become much stressed and therefore destructive. It usually comes to terms with kids of all ages and can bear a great deal of their rough handling without attempting to scratch. This skittish cat makes an excellent four-legged friend for both children and adults.

The Australian Mist immensely enjoys human companionship so it can be successfully kept as an entirely indoor pet. Nonetheless some cats welcome an opportunity to walk on a leash. Thanks to its gentle and empathic nature it’s especially well-suited for disabled people who have to stay home most of the time.

This affable cat gets on with unaggressive family dogs provided they have been introduced to each other in a proper manner and early enough. This breed was originally invented as an ultimate feline companion so it’s a true pleasure to share life and dwelling with this attractive and companionable cat.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· skin allergies;

· gingivitis.


The Australian Mist needs very inconsiderable amount of grooming. Its short and soft coat will benefit from weekly brushing or combing, which helps to get rid of loose hair and to distribute natural skin oils. This breed should be bathed only occasionally.

The cat’s teeth require regular brushing preferably on a daily basis. The owner should periodically examine the ears of his pet and clean them with a soft, damp tissue if needed. The litter box of the Australian Mist should be regularly cleared out since the cat is very exigent about bathroom hygiene.