American Bobtail Longhair

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The American Bobtail Longhair is an affectionate and unbelievingly smart cat with a singular wild appearance. The breed owes its creation to natural selection and retains rather primitive behavioural habits. This cat has tendency to attach intensely to its master and its family.

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The characteristic feature of the American Bobtail is its funny shortened tail, which appeared as the result of natural genetic mutation. The bobtailed cats have existed since times immemorial and could be met all over the world, from Japan to the Isle of Man. Nevertheless its formal breeding began only in the 60s of XX century when John and Brenda Sanders adopted a short-tailed kitten during their holiday in Arizona. The cat was nicknamed Yodi and once matured it was crossed with the their female cat, Mishi.

The offspring preserved the signal trait of their father because its short tail was caused by a dominant gene. The Sanders united their breeding efforts with other avid cat breeder, Mindy Shoultz. They mated the kittens with other cats with essential short tails, which they located in various parts of America and Canada. The breeders’ goal was to develop the breed, which would combine primitive appearance, supreme health and pleasant demeanour. First American Bobtails were the product of crossing non-pedigreed shorthaired and longhaired domestic cats but nowadays its stable and sizeable population made further outcrossing unnecessary.

The American Bobtail was granted with official recognition of the International Cat Association in 2002. The breed also enjoys recognition of Cat Fanciers Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association. Today it has countless fanciers in the USA as long as in other countries and its popularity never stops growing.


The American Bobtail Longhair is a sturdy and vivacious cat, which is appreciated for its loyal and friendly temperament. This breed has heightened need for communication with its master and in many ways its personality actually resembles the one of a dog. It usually easily gets accustomed to a leash and will be pleased with regular walks.

It’s essential to offer this cat sufficient amount of toys to provide it with the source of amusement while you are out. The breed will demonstrate its nature of a true hunter by catching any careless fly, which has dared to trespass its territory or pursuing toys and grabbing them by its paws. Unlike some other breeds American Bobtail Longhair is a generally quite cat but it can express it excitement with chirps, clicks and trills, as well as with the typical purr.

The playful and good-natured American Bobtail Longhair usually welcomes an opportunity to make a new friend, whether they are two-legged or four-legged. Moreover it can happily live with the dog, which respects its private boundaries. The breed retains its kitten ingenuousness well into its adulthood and will become a tireless playmate for older children. This athletic and muscular cat is known to have an excellent health with potential lifespan of 14 years.

The American Bobtail Longhair is an eager learner and loves to get involved into such games as fetch or hide and seek. Thanks to its calm and well-balanced temperament the breed can be turned into an agreeable travel companion. It’s also oftentimes used as a therapy cat because of its affectionate and sympathetic nature. Anyway the American Bobtail Longhair can become a lovely household cat for any family, regardless of its lifestyle preferences.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· spinal problems;

· hip dysplasia.


The American Bobtail Longhair has a medium longhair coat and requires rather a standard care. Its hair isn’t prone to mat or tangle so occasional brushing will keep its coat in reasonably good condition. The breed sheds seasonally, specifically in the spring and fall. During these periods more diligent and frequent brushing will reduce the amount of its fur on your furniture, clothing and carpets.

It’s advisable to pay daily attention to dental hygiene of your cat in order to prevent health issues in this area. The cats’ nails should be clipped every couple of weeks. Cats are extremely tidy animals and this breed in particular, so make sure that the litter box of your American Bobtail Longhair is always kept perfectly clean.